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The Green’s are heavily involved in promoting youth growth in their communities. One of these projects is encouraging young people to read by developing them as budding writers. Please support these two projects (below) by purchasing their books, writing book reviews on and sharing these books with other youth organizations.

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Please feel free to browse the current selection of books authored by Daryl & Estraletta Green. The Green’s have also assisted young people in getting their books published.  There is no limit to what the human spirit can achieve. Everyone has a God given purpose.

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"Timely, perceptive, thoroughly provoking, compassionate, and me these words best describe the book, 'My Cup Runneth Over,' by Daryl Green. This book is a must read for anyone in charge of a household."

Dora Rodgers, Supervisor Atkins Branch Library

"It [Meshing process] is the same management techniques he [Daryl] and Estraletta, who holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Southern University A&M, use in their professional careers which they bring to their family coaching sessions, small groups and workshops."

Dorothy Senn, The Oak Ridger Newspaper

"Thank you for sharing 'My Cup Runneth Over.' I found this book to be readable, comprehensive, and analytical enough to teach lessons. You showed an openness and willingness to trust your own experiences."

Administration for Children and Families, Department of Health & Human Services

"It [My Cup Runneth Over] certainly sounds like an important book that will assist many families in their struggles in an advanced capitalist society such as ours."

Grant Koo, Religious Publishing Bantam Doubleday Dell